Our brand 

AirChips presentation and history

Guess who we are ?

A group of friends from Ardèche (France), from the farming world and greatest consumer of organic products since their childhood, one day decided to pool their skills together to create recipes and make healthy and nutritionaly balanced products to create AirChips Bio!

A brand with values as high as crispy!

Natural and gluten free chips

AirChips Vision, Mission and Values


With our expertise in Nutrition, we master, with our innovative industrial processes, for each of our products, all the manufacturing steps from the raw materials to the finished product with a quality requirement and variety unseen so far !


Hip-Hip-Chips hourray! AirChips was borned from a perpetual striving for excellence, from a deep respect for nature, from support of the producers in their quality work and sustainable agriculture, and from a controlled use of process and manufacturing tools to preserve the nutritional and sensory characteristics of the ingredients.


With our products, combine originality and food balance! A pleasure to crunch or to enjoy as much as you like and without feeling guilty. All you need is AirChips!

Ps : Be careful, you might become addicted.


On the lookout for new trends, we offer you our expertise and technology, so that you can fully crisp life with our 100% natural organic(*) and gluten-free products!

*Organic certification: an obvious and successful outcome of our quality approach.

AirChips Bio main characteristics

Holy chips !

Airchips paprika chips
  • Not fried
  • Low fat
  • Gluten-free
  • Lactose-free
  • Food colouring-free
  • Preservatives-free
  • (depending on the flavour) Source or High in Protein
  • (depending on the flavour) Source or High in Fibre
  • Suitable for vegetarian or vegan people

As a result of our manufacturing processes and of our rigour in choice of the ingredients for the greatest pleasure of your taste buds.

Strenghts of AirChips products

No guilty pleasure with our products, made without additive, without food colouring even natural, without flavouring or natural flavour extract and this is not the end of the story…

All our crisps are packed in a natural protective atmosphere to preserve the quality and shelflife of our products.

Chips without frying

Let’s chips together !

If you want to know more about our adventure so « fantast-chips », if you have any questions (preferably yummy ones), if you want to be able to find our products in your favorite organic grocery store or if you just want to « chips » us a little attention, please contact us here !