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A crunchy craving for our organic products ? You can find our crisps, high protein bars and instant soups in many retail stores in France. Organic shops, delicatessen, wine merchants, butchers, caterers etc. There are Airchips products for every taste!

A shop around you has not fallen in love with our delicious 100% natural products yet ? Please, let us know its name and address in the contact form below, our sale force will go and meet it to be able to enjoy our products too.

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Whether you would like to find our products in one of the shops around you or if you simply want as a retailer friend to become a reseller of our « fantast-chips » products, this questionnaire has been made for you!

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If you want to know more about our adventure so « fantast-chips », if you have any questions (preferably yummy ones), if you want to be able to find our products in your favorite organic grocery store or if you just want to « chips » us a little attention, please contact us here !